This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under agreement No 883424


Customs authorities today are moving to systems that are more automated and integrated into the logistic flow where novel risk-assessment, Automated Threat Recognition (ATR) and Non-intrusive inspection (NII) techniques play an increasingly important role. ENTRANCE will represent an important and innovative step forward by taking a comprehensive approach where technologies are developed beyond the state of the art and combined to leverage their complementary strengths.

ENTRANCE will implement self-contained technology components that can operate as system nodes that are compatible with a complete range of applications. These will include the control of maritime containers at ports, vehicles of all types at land borders and freight train controls on the railways.

Examples of such system combination include:

  • The combination of ENTRANCE NII technologies and ENTRANCE Automated Risk Assessment, Threat Recognition and Information Sharing Platform (ENARTIS) will provide practitioners with a single integrated platform for automated risk-assessment, ATR, sharing of risk data, data fusion, analysis and decision making

  • The combination of two first-line and one second-line technologies in NII technologies for detection of contraband in high-density cargo will allow, for the first time, automated non-intrusive detection of contraband in high-density cargo, thus decreasing disturbances of the flow of goods

  • The combination of enhanced threat detection capabilities of improved X-ray and RRTNIS system with, for the first time, a mobile photofission detection system in relocatable unit for non-intrusive detection of multiple threats will improve the detection capabilities of a wider range of threats and illegal goods at Border Control Points (BCPs)

  • The Integration of different types and brands of enhanced Radiation Portal Monitors (RPMs) into a trans-European RPM Network will allow for a common system for supervision and warning of NR threats on the European scale

ENTRANCE will develop a beyond the state-of-the-art integrated Toolbox for risk-based NII of cross-border cargo, which will enable more efficient detection of a larger number of threats and illegal goods, with higher levels of automation and minimal disturbance of flow.



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Optimization of the ENTRANCE Rapidly Relocatable Tagged Neutron Inspection System


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Most of the organisations and individuals in ENTRANCE have already collaborated through previous successful EU funded projects such as C-BORD, CORE, EUROSKY and are re-uniting their capabilities to build the value chain of NII for effective border controls.

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