This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under agreement No 883424

The ENTRANCE Field Tests took place over three weeks in May 2023 in the port of Rijeka, Croatia.

The tests, which were made possible by the active involvement and support of Croatia Customs, the Ministry of Interior and project partner the Ruder Boskovic Institute,  provided an opportunity to test and assess the various Non-Intrusive Inspection technologies being developed in the project. Real targets, including guns, explosive, drugs and contraband, as well as live radioactive sources were hidden in commercial containers to ensure the technologies were put through their paces in challenging, real life scenarios.

The Non-Intrusive Inspection technologies that were used in these Field Tests were:

  • Mobile X-ray scanner, developed by Smiths Detection
  • Photofission scanner, developed by CEA List
  • Rapidly Relocatable Tagged Neutron Inspection System (RRTNIS), developed by CEA IRESNE
  • 9 MeV Radiation Portal Monitors (RPM), developed by Bertin Technologies
  • 7 MeV High Speed Radiation Portal Monitors (RPM), developed by Bertin Technologies 
  • A Gamma and Neutron detection system and a new mobile Gamma detector, developed by Arktis Radiation Detectors

The results of these Field Tests are being analysed by the technical teams and will be reported at the project's Final Conference in Paris on Thursday 16th November 2023. Attendance at the conference is open to Customs officers and authorities, the scientific research community and of course the European Commission. 

If you are interested in attending the Conference, please get in touch via the Contact Us page on the website. 


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Optimization of the ENTRANCE Rapidly Relocatable Tagged Neutron Inspection System


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Most of the organisations and individuals in ENTRANCE have already collaborated through previous successful EU funded projects such as C-BORD, CORE, EUROSKY and are re-uniting their capabilities to build the value chain of NII for effective border controls.

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